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About Bielefeld

If you plan to come and live in Bielefeld, you will then officially become a resident of Bielefeld. You will soon discover the many assets that make this city such a pleasant destination. Whether you are looking for a holiday rental in Bielefeld, a bed and breakfast in Bielefeld, a furnished rental in Bielefeld, a private home or a shared flat in Bielefeld, you will definitely find what you are looking for on Roomlala. Living in Bielefeld also means enjoying the rich local traditions and customs of the Nordrhein-Westfalen. But the greatest strength of Bielefeld, is by far its inhabitants: 333 000 people have chosen to live in Bielefeld. If you're new to Bielefeld, you won't hesitate to meet them! In Bielefeld, you can find a room to rent in a property thats shared or furnished on the street that suits you best, such as Obernstraße, Detmolder Straße, Herforder Straße. If you don't live there, you can take a look around, and visit the local shops or simply take a stroll. Would you prefer to live in a family neighbourhood, a lively neighbourhood, the historic and cultural centre or close to many shops? Take the time to learn about neighbourhoods in Bielefeld. You will then know where you'd prefer to rent your potential accommodation. Maybe Mitte, Schildesche, Gadderbaum, Senne, Stieghorst? If you don't have a driving lisence or don't want to invest in a car, you can travel by bus in Bielefeld. Many stations are located there: Kesselbrink, Eggeweg, Brackwede Kirche amongst them. The bus is not the only means of public transportation! In Bielefeld, use the tramway to get around and use Adenauerplatz, Oststraße, Schüco. Faster than other means of transport, the tube makes life easier for Bielefeld residents on a daily basis as they travel to Wittekindstraße, Siegfriedplatz, Jahnplatz. If you need to travel regularly outside of Bielefeld, you can take the train at Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof, Bielefeld Oldentrup station. Are you a music fan, and like musicals and concerts? Renting accommodation in Bielefeld offers the possibility to come and applaud many artists in several concert halls such as the Seidenstickerhalle, Forum, Bunker Ulmenwall. There are often various concerts which can be very unifying, Bielefeld music festivals like Serengeti Festival, Campus Festival will make you love living there. If you are just moving into your accommodation in Bielefeld, go to local sporting events to meet new people. Don't hesitate to ask about the games and sporting gatherings taking place by Schüco Arena, Stadion Rußheide. Amongst the various sports events in Bielefeld there's events like Feuerwehrlauf, Stadtwerke run & roll Day. Living in Bielefeld is good, being able to grow there is even better. For your rainy Sundays, go and visit the Bielefeld museums, including the Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Naturkunde-Museum, Historisches Museum der Stadt Bielefeld. On sunny days, go out for a walk in the different squares in Bielefeld. Accompanied, take the opportunity to chat. Alone, catch up on your reading: bring a good book and escape to the square. Very important: Bielefeld also attracts students for the various courses and training offered in its schools and universities such as Universität Bielefeld, Fachhochschule des Mittelstands, Fachhochschule Bielefeld. Roomlala offers student accommodation for renting a room with a local resident, a furnished apartment or living in a shared apartment, for 9 months (student lease) as well as for one year.